[YT] The First Video Game: OXO

A short video of the very first video game OXO, released in 1952, 6 years before the more widely thought first video game Tennis For Two. The game ran on the Edsac computer at the University of Cambridge, it is not widely known as it could only originally run on the Edsac computer so you actually had to go to the University to play it. Now an emulator has been written so the original code can be used on modern PC's, which is what this video uses for the demonstration you see.

NOTE: This is from an EMULATOR on a Windows Vista PC, it is NOT from the original machine so it is not a completely accurate representation of the original game.

Nota da Fê:
OXO - O primeiro vídeo game.
Sinto, o primeiro não foi o Pong [nem o Tennis For Two] . É mais uma lenda ‘urbana’.
É um Jogo da Velha. Joga-se usando um dial!! Smiley decepcionado

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