Tron Original nos Cinemas!

Em sessões especiais à meia-noite lá nos ‘states’. E tem gente que diz que Legacy foi um fracasso. Sei…

show.aspxA theatrical screening of the original 1982 TRON movie will occur in Los Angeles in early March!
There will also be another theatrical screening of TRON in Los Angeles at the popular Nuart Theatre on April 22nd at midnight!
*Update: Landmark Theatres will be hosting midnight screenings of the original 1982 TRON movie in multiple cities - here is a current list with the dates and locations:
April 22 Nuart - Los Angeles
April 30 Ken - San Diego
May 6-7 Esquire - Denver
May 13-14 Uptown - Minneapolis
May 20-21 E Street - Washington D.C.
May 27-29 Sunshine - New York
June 10-11 Inwood - Dallas
June 17-18 Egyptian - Seattle


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