Tumba de Maya, Tesoureiro de Tutankhamon, ‘Destruída’

Sadly news... :(

Some disturbing news has begun to float around the web that the tomb of Tutankhamun's Treasurer Maya has been "destroyed."
Maya's tomb is located at Saqqara, where mass looting broke out over the weekend in the wake of the current political protests.
The following was relayed today from an Egyptology group via Facebook:
From our Senior Guide. A Sakkara inspector told him that in the last few days Sakkara has been ransacked. Maia is destroyed and even the reliefs in the burial chamber have been hacked out. There is mass digging around the Unas area in particular. The inspector could not get as far as the Teti area as he was threatened with guns but the mastabas will have suffered the same fate. A black day (via P.Allingham).
This reflects previous comments by Dr. Christian Greco and the radio statement of this morning by Dr. Maarten Raven.
The loss of Maya's tomb is a devastating blow to Egyptology. As Bob Brier explains, "We know a great deal about the internal workings of the government during Tutankhamen's reign because Maya inscribed his autobiography on his tomb wall."1
Maya was appointed Treasurer shortly after he became pharaoh and was one of the king's top advisors. He was instrumental in Tut's restoration plan for Egypt, in which the young king reversed the "heretic" policies of his father, Akhenaten.
He was evidently a very successful Treasurer; he retained his post under the rule of Tut's two successors, Ay and Horemheb. Horemheb carried out an extensive purge of the "Amarna Period", wiping away the records of Akhenaten, Tutankhamun, and Ay. For Maya to have stayed on board as Horemheb's Treasurer, despite being an official from the Amarna Period, suggests that he was quite worthy of his job.
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